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Divorce Online | Divorce Resources | Legal, Financial & Counseling | State Statutes – Divorce Articles

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Divorce Online | Divorce Resources | Legal, Financial & Counseling | State Statutes – Divorce Articles


Back in 1995, I was approached by a therapist and a web designer, talking about the Internet.  At that time, the Internet was almost unheard of.  I had no idea what it was.  The web designer was a man named John Thawley, who I work with to this day.  The therapist was involved in the beginning but dropped off the face of the earth shortly after the website was launched.  The website was called DivorceOnline.com.  It was launched in 1995.  In May of 1996, one of the most salient features of Divorce Online, entitled ‘He Said…She Said’, was launched.  Divorce Online was a site with a goal of approaching divorce related issues legally, psychologically, and economically.  There were many articles posted that are still relevant to this day.

He Said…She Said, became the most important and popular feature of the site. The purpose of He Said…She Saidis, and has been, to allow people who were contemplating or going through a divorce to discuss divorce related issues, and any other issues for that matter in a confidential and private manner.  People register with assumed names and their identity will not be revealed.  The goal has been and still is to provide people with a forum to exchange ideas, discuss problems, and not have their identity revealed.

What happened?  Initially, a phenomenon happened.  He Said…She Said, became a huge hit, and people started meeting each other through Divorce Online.  People started setting up meetings and get-togethers throughout the United States, Canada, and other jurisdictions.  They were called Divorce Fests where people would actually meet and socialize.  People actually met and got married through Divorce Online and ‘He Said…She Said’.  Now there are reunions, Facebook pages with Divorce Online old-timers, and to this date people chat about their problems.   ‘He Said…She Said’ is a welcome haven for anyone contemplating or going through a divorce, and it is now celebrating its 16th anniversary.  Visit it and let me know your thoughts.


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