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Mint Bill Payment Feature No Longer Supported

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Mint Bill Payment Feature No Longer Supported


At Mint, our goal is to make money management effortless. From budgeting, to tracking your transactions to regular credit score updates, we aim to help you stay on top of your finances. We are continuously innovating and improving the Mint experience to make that as easy and effortless as possible.
We want to inform you that as of June 30, the bill payment feature within Mint will be discontinued. While this means you’ll no longer be able to pay your bills through Mint, you will still be able to track your bills, set reminders and mark bills as paid. You will also still be able to budget, track expenses, monitor savings, view investments and check your credit score.
For those of you who actively use the Mint bill payment feature, we are here to help you navigate to find an alternative payment solution, such as using the bill pay feature available through most bank and credit card companies.
We are focused on continuing to innovate in Mint for the best possible experience in tracking your financial life in one place and provide you the best insights to save and grow your money. Some of the latest improvements currently live on Android (iOS updates coming soon) include:

Calendar: We heard your feedback and are releasing a new and improved bills calendar so you never miss a bill!
Credit card usage: Visually track your credit usage for all your credit cards and avoid hurting your credit score by overspending

In addition, Mint will soon undergo a refreshed design that will include powerful new insights and money saving offers to help you reach your financial goals.
Thank you for keeping Mint at the center of your financial life!


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